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Is your Will fair?

Is your Will fair? You may be surprised by the number of people who ask me this question. What makes us all unique individuals is also what determines what we believe to be fair.  Sometimes the people in your life have competing needs and you may feel guilt for giving

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Estate Planning: difficult conversations for an easier future.

We all know about having difficult conversations – whether they’re something we instigated or had thrust on us. While most of us dread having them, difficult conversations have a place and none more so than in your estate planning. Lawyers love paperwork. We draft it, review it, amend it and

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dying without a will

Dying without a Will

It may not surprise you to hear that more than half of Australian adults don’t have a Will – and over a third of those don’t know what will happen to their assets after their death. Scary? Perhaps it’s because of our line of work but the thought of so

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